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We believe the world needs a full-featured marketplace to buy/sell on for free, so we built one.

Here are some of the features currently available on BriskSale, we’re improving every day:

Customizable store-fronts with a permanent URL of your choice (Your own website, for Free)

24/7 Email Support

Live tracking for your customers

On-site messaging

Automatic inclusion in Google/Bing Shopping (restrictions apply)

A suite of selling tools such as product discount codes, vacation mode, etc

Last but not least, our BriskSeller network.

Marketing is important, so we’ve built a sales and marketing team into the core of BriskSale.

  • When a product is posted on BriskSale, thousands of BriskSellers will try to find customers for that product.

  • If the BriskSeller succeeds in finding a buyer, they receive the commission - offered by the seller at the time of posting.

We don’t want to imagine a world without BriskSale

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