BriskSelling has allowed me to earn some extra cash working only a few hours per week. Just share other people’s items and get paid, it’s awesome.


New York University

Benefits of BriskSelling

Here’s how we see it: If you find our sellers a buyer before we can,
you deserve the fee we would’ve collected.

Make money online from
the comfort of your home
Work on your
own schedule
Receive 100% of your
earnings instantly

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What’s a BriskSeller?

A BriskSeller connects people and products. They surf the site, select items they're knowledgeable about or believe they can sell, find buyers, and earn a commission. This helps products get sold faster and creates an opportunity to earn money! How is this possible? Instead of collecting a posting fee, we put that money into your pocket.

Who can become a BriskSeller?

Succinctly put, anyone. We have one fundamental requirement: Ambition. While experience in marketing and with various social media platforms is helpful, it's not required.

A BriskSeller's ability to predict the needs of, and find, a buyer ultimately spells his/her success.

So what exactly am I doing?

You're connecting people and products. First of all, as a BriskSeller you'll have a different view of the site. You'll be able to see the commission that corresponds with each item for sale and a button on each product page that says “Brisk.” This button allows you to BriskSell that item. If you successfully BriskSell an item, you'll recieve the stated commission into your bank or Paypal. If all of this is a bit confusing, don't worry, after you're approved there's a tutorial video that explains everything.

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