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Wandarama The Amazing Fun Fly Wand

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Wandarama The Amazing Fun Fly Wand.
Wandarama...The amazing wand that's fun you can fly! It defies gravity.
Supercharged floating flying fun!

Wandarama Wand
24 tinsel toys
Sticker sheet
Fun tips guide.

When Wandarama wand is charged with static, it will expand and suspend a silvery shape about 6-12 inches above the end of the wand.
Air currents will carry the shapes away from the original position.
Move the wand in different directions and angles below the shape to keep it within the static force field.
Make Em Dance! You can make the shapes dance between the end of the Wandarama and your hand!
Float it! Swirl it! Make it jump!
For ages 5 years old and up.

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