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Season 4, Luck/Money.


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Candle with the power to bring you luck and money. **Read the Home page for instructions (under About).** Contains the naturally extracted organic herb oil of: Allspice, Almond, Bamboo, Bergamot, Cashew, Daffodil, Irish Moss, Male Fern and Snakeroot. Also contains the organic oils of wild flowers and berries from around the Bayou for scent/color and the blood of the 4 sisters.
** 18oz Candle
** We have not placed the picture onto the candle yet. The other picture you see under the listing will be one that will come on the candle. The Reason being is because this is our number one seller in New Orleans for the ability is obtains.
** Click on "Coven of the Bayou" beside verified seller and Read the home page under "About Page" for further instruction
** Each Candle may have a slight variation in color from every batch made (because of the amount of essential flower oil put into them.) Some may appear to be darker at the bottom then at the top when they settle, which makes them even more attractive. Each Candle is different but possess the same power!They will however be the same shade of color seen in each photograph.

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