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5Kg (11lbs) Fresh Grade B Quality Kola Nuts

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The Great African Caffeine Snacks!

*** We take quality control seriously. We take the time to sort the FRESH seeds and include those visually judged to be healthy into your order. Thereafter, EACH seed is cleaned and further air dried before packaging them for you ***

This listing is for Grade A Quality!

As the main active ingredient in kola nuts is caffeine, its effects are almost identical to that of caffeine. All of us (at least, coffee drinkers) are familiar with these effects, that include: stimulation of the central nervous system (can alleviate symptoms of depression), improved mental alertness, restored vitality – kola nuts are instant energisers, generally improved mood, in some cases, they reportedly boost libido. Other benefits include; alleviates symptoms of depression, induces weight loss by decreasing appetite, relieves migraine headaches, corrects diarrhoea caused by nervousness, aids digestion by increasing gastric acid secretion, expands the airway passages, thus relieving asthma attacks, has diuretic effects.

A. Caffeine also induces an increased gastric acid secretion which may cause unpleasant symptoms for people suffering from stomach ulcers.
B. Caffeine overdose can lead to vomiting blood and cardiac arrest.
C. Any caffeine or stimulant should be avoided in the case of high blood pressure, or other cardiovascular conditions and pregnancy.

Policy I will accept the return of items if the box is unopened within 30 days and the buyer will pay for return shipping.
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