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ScooterX Sport Kart 196cc 6.5hp Off Road Gas Go Kart (Ships To Cali)


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The ScooterX 196cc Sport Go Kart is the fastest Go Kart that ScooterX has ever built. It is zippy, modern, and has a kick-ass design. It comes in a Black finish. This Go Kart is for light off-road use, and is not entry level. It is best utilized by adults and children over the age of 12.

The Sport Go Kart comes complete with huge and reliable 13” knobby tires and dual coil over shocks. You can reach speeds up to 45 mph on this bad boy. So what are you waiting for? Give this Kart a whirl!

Note: This Go Kart comes with a California certified engine so it will ship to California!

Why BUY This Go Kart:

Assembled in California with the highest Quality Control- ensuring increased durability and longer-lasting parts
30 day parts replacement warranty and lifetime technical support- provided by ScooterX
Kids- Show off this fast Go Kart to your friends and make them green with envy!
Adults- Unleash that inner child in you and strap on for the ride of your life!

Policy The seller will not accept returns
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