Branson B200 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 100-951-010 with 5 Minute Timer, 1 Pint

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Branson's Model B200 ultrasonic cleaner is compact and stylish, with the convenience of plug-inanywhere operation. While designed to clean jewelry and optical pieces quickly and effectively, it also has the ultrasonic cleaning ability to handle a wide variety of other applications. The Model B200 contains a stainless steel tank with a 15-ounce capacity. The tank is contained within an impact-resistant plastic housing. A cover and parts basket are included as standard accessories. This versatile unit features a 5-minute timer that shuts off automatically. All you need to do is add the appropriate solution for your application, clean your parts, and follow with a thorough rinse. The cleaner uses ultrasonic energy (40 kHz) in the form of sound waves to create millions of tiny microscopic vacuum cavities in the solution. As these cavities collapse, they release high frequency energy, loosening dirt on all surfaces that the solution touches. This activity, called cavitation, occurs thousands of times per second to gently yet thoroughly scrub contamination off the article being cleaned. When you lift your parts out of the cleaner, they are microscopically clean.

Cleaning Applications

Instrument & clock parts
Small geological samples
Coins & hobby items
Small electrical/electronic components
Metal & plastic machined parts
Recorder & drafting pens

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