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African Kpanlogo Drum

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This Kpanlogo drum measures 24 inches tall with a head diameter of 11 inches. The belly or midsection of this drum measures 14 inches.

The sound of the Kpanlogo closely resembles that of a conga drum. They are often preferred over congas because they are easy to tune using the peg system and for their unique appearance. People also use them for home dacor. They look as cool as they sound.

The Kpanlogo drum comes from the Ga people of Accra West Africa. The Kpanlogo ensembles consist of Kpanlogos of different sizes, Shekeres and Gankogui or Agogo Bells. The head drummer keeps a watchful eye on the dancers and leads the ensembles through various transitions to match the changes in dance patterns. They are another great addition to the drum circle.

Kpanlogos are easily tuned by adjusting the pegs. Just tap the pegs in or out as needed to adjust the head tension. This drum is constructed from a single piece of Masonia wood. It is hand crafted in Ghana, West Africa by expert craftsmen using traditional techniques.

The Masonia wood is protected with a natural oil finish. The bearing edge, i.e., the rim of the drum where the head rests over the shell, and the bottom edges have been sealed with wax to further prevent the drum from cracking. The head is constructed of shaven antelope or calf skin. The Kpanlogo is typically played with the hands, however these heads are durable enough to use drum sticks or mallets if you desire.

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