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Hand Carved Baboon, mukwa wood ornament


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Hand Carved Baboon, mukwa wood ornamentInternational shipping is already included in the price, however should you wish for your treasure to arrive sooner please get in contact for courier costs.

Hand Carved Baboon, mukwa wood ornament, Free standing ornament, hand carved using Mukwa wood.  Stands approximately 7 inches / 18cm in height and is very light in weight.  African hand carved curio / ornament, ethnic home decor, lovers of African art. No two piece are exactly the same, making it more valuable and a collectors item. This is not a mass produced item but lovingly made by our artists by hand.

Afrikaans: Kiaat, Sotho: Morôtô, Tswana: Mokwa, Venda: Mutondo, Shona: Mukwa, Shona: Mubvamaropa, Zulu: Umvangazi is a species of Pterocarpus native to southern Africa

It is resistant to borer and termite, is durable and has a pleasing spicy fragrance. The wood polishes well and is well known in tropical Africa as Mukwa when used to make good quality furniture that has an attractive light brownish-yellow colour. It can also be used for curios, and implements. Since the wood does not swell or shrink much it is great for canoe building. Furniture and curios are often made from the reddish sapwood. In Zimbabwe, the mbira is traditionally made from mukwa. It is valued for several medicinal uses. It has been recorded to treat ringworm, eye problems, blackwater fever, stabbing pains, malaria, and to increase the supply of breast milk. The resemblance of the sap to blood has led to the belief in supposed magical healing powers concerning the blood. Because of all these reasons and that it is also fire resistant. Mukwa trees is sometimes planted around the chief's enclosure to make a living fence.

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