Real Kente Strips from Bonwire (Ghana) - 4 inch X 60 inch


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Uses Of Kente:
Kente cloth is usually worn for ceremonies, festivals, and other sacred occasions. It is also given as a gift for weddings, child naming ceremonies, graduations, and other special events.
Kente is now made into bags, sandals, shirts, and other fashionable pieces for commercial sales.

Buying Real Kente On-line:
Kente comes in four (4) packs based on the size,
1. STRIP (4 inch X 60 inch) - used as scarfs, making designs, for caps, for sandals, etc.
2. FEMALE KENTE (4-5 yards) - not necessarily for women dresses but according to the yards.
3. MALE KENTE (8-10 yards) - as king's cloth.
4. KENTE for COUPLES - used as weddings, engagement ceremonies.

***All these packs ship at Random delivery (no color option available) but buyer can contact seller for Special delivery (which may come with additional cost).***

Kente (“KEN-tay”) is considered to be the most famous of all African textiles, and one of the World’s most complicated weaving. A genuine kente cloth is made by the Ashanti weavers in Ghana, a country in Africa. In the past, royalty and important figures of society wore this cloth for very special occasions. Today, kente cloth is worn by people of all social status.

How to Buy Kente Cloth:
The best place to buy Kente Cloth is directly from Ghana. When buying Kente cloth, make sure that it is handwoven from individual threads. Often you will see what appears to be Kente cloth, but they are actually prints. This is not “Kente” but rather an imitation and does not carry the same value and prestige. An easy way of determining if the Kente is authentic is by seeing if the color on one side of the fabric is consistent with the color directly opposite that section of fabric. Real kente cloth is handwoven so the thread will be consistent on the opposite side. Imitation kente cloth is printed on the cloth so the opposite side may show a different color, which is impossible in handwoven cloth.

More information on Kente:
Kente is a fabric local to Ghana. It is believed that Kente cloth was inspired by the weaving pattern of a spider. The magnificent colors make the Kente extremely special. The way the fabric is woven is simply marvelous. The fabric is hand-woven in four inches wide strips. It would take almost a day to weave just one strip. These strips are then woven together to make bigger pieces of cloth. The cloth is filled with various colors and designs.

Kente cloth is completely a product of handicraft. No machine is involved. As such, it is labor intensive. A lot of special skill is essential to make it. Because of these features, Kente cloth was traditionally reserved for royal family members. It was generally worn by kings and queens in Ghana and is reserved for special occasions and ceremonies.

All of the Kente from this seller [BiahOnline] is directly from Ghana and available for sale. Due to the unique nature and amount of work involved in creating Kente, these cloths are quite costly. Buying from us guarantees best quality and lowest possible cost.

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