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Reliquary Guardian Figure (Eyema-o-Byeri) - Gabon

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The object is a male ancestor figure carved from a single piece of wood. The figure is characteristic of the Southern Fang style, in particular, the Meke-Betsi of the North and the North – West Gabon. It is called “Eyema Byeri ” or Guardian Byer”. It has a voluminous head and a stocky appearance, in a sitting position, and holds with both hands the ceremonial flute So initiates, boys rite of passage among the Beti-Fang.

The Fang Byeris are certainly the most mysterious and emblematic of African art.

Carved figures that reflect African religious views on the cycle of life and death, and specifically the link between the living and the dead. The cult of Byeri (ancestor worship) was practiced in all villages Dan and Fang, both in southern Cameroon and Gabon and Rio Muni. The reliquaries were used to promote greeting luck, wealth, and fertility.

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