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Floor Finish, Signature, Diversey, UHS, 20% Solids, 5 Gallon BIB, Diversey,

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The world's #1 selling floor finish. Provides unsurpassed "wet look" gloss, excellent durability and dirt release characteristics. Simple to apply and maintain. No restorer required. White in color with an ammonia scent.

Ultra High Speed Floor Finish
Unsurpassed wet-look gloss
Dramatic response to propane, battery and electric equipment
Designed to excel on vinyl composite, sheet vinyl and terrazzo flooring
Apply over virtually any finish after deep scrubbing with Diversey UHSTM/MC Cleaner and green pads
20% Solids,
Can be used on VCT.
Can be used on terrazzo.
Can be used on concrete floors.

Blockade areas to be stripped or finished. Floors will be very slippery until dry. Strip floors, using a Johnson Diversery brand stripper, per the instructions on the stripper label.

Apply 3 or more medium coats of product using a clean finish mop. Apply additional coats until desired gloss is obtained.

Dry Time: 30-45 minutes (under normal conditions)
Coverage: 1500 - 2000 square feet per gallon

Dust mop or sweep. Clean the floor with a mop or an automatic scrubber using the recommended Johnson Diversey brand cleaner according the label directions. Burnish using appropriate pads.

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