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200 seeds. Giant Spices Spicy Red Chili Hot Pepper Seeds

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Growth habit
Pepper growth for the beginning of germination, germination after sowing usually 5-8 days or so unearthed, 15 days or so there is the first true leaves, buds revealed to the seedling stage. The first spike to the door pepper sitting for the flowering period. After fruit set to pull the results for the period. Pepper suitable temperature between 15-34 degrees. Seed germination suitable temperature 25-30 degrees, germination takes 5-7 days, less than 15 degrees or higher than 35 degrees when the seed does not germinate.
Seedling requires a higher temperature, 25-30 degrees during the day and night 15-18 degrees is best, seedlings intolerance to low temperature, pay attention to cold. Pepper if at 35 degrees will cause falling fruit.
Pepper on the conditions of water demanding, it is not drought tolerance or water,logging. Like the relatively dry air conditions.

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