Essential MMA - Mixed Martial Arts Basics For Women!

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Essential MMA - Mixed Martial Arts Basics For Women!
After months and months of reminding me (or is it nagging me?) about her idea for me to make a Mixed Martial Arts Self-defense DVD for women.
She finally took a stand (reminded me that she has a BlackBelt) for me to finally do it. So, after being convinced by her, (or was it threatened?) I felt that it was best (for my health) to make my wife happy.

So, finally, here it is.

I present to you the only DVD of its kind !
Essential MMA - Mixed Martial ArtsBasics For Women!

In this one DVD, I have managed to squeeze in the following...

Essential MMA - Mixed Martial Arts Basics by Debi Purcell.

It’s a collection of four DVDs, all in the same ONE DVD!

The DVD has Four volumes to choose from.

Volume 1: Essentials and Positions This program shows the
BASIC and fundamental moves and positions of Mixed Martial
Arts training. Approx. 58 min.

Volume 2: Attacks and Positions This program is a take off
from the Volume 1 program. It includes instruction on high
kick and mid kick. Punch and kicking combos on bag and on person. Punch kick drills. Approx. 69 min.

Volume 3: Defense and Escapes This program continues the
essentials from previous program's #1 and #2. Its focus is on
defense and escapes. Approx. 57 min

Volume 4: Fast Submission From Every Position Includes: take
down from back into reverse heel hook, flying triangle off of
single leg defense. Approx. 50 min.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Women by
Christie Philips.

Here is some information about this particular DVD;

- Jiu-jitsu basics
- Basic chokes
- Attack from the guard
- Attacks from the top
- Training tips

An added free bonus VHS. Video!:

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu -Rape Safe, DVD

The home video instruction program aimed at giving women the self-defense skills and confidence to escape a sexual assault.
Rape Safe shows you how to resist and how to escape- and the techniques are easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.
This video focuses on twelve techniques you need to escape a sexual assault. Half of these techniques show you how to escape during a standing assault, and half show you what to do if the attacker has you pinned on the ground. These techniques do not require strength, speed or coordination and are perfect for women of all ages and physical types.
There you have it. This DVD is filled to the brim!
I have designed this DVD in a particular order. The first series of DVDs gives you the essentials of kicking and punching. It prepares you for the following DVD, which prepares you for any fighting on the ground that you may encounter, by teaching you the essentials of jujitsu.

Then the bonus VHS DVD that I have included, prepares you for any “rape situations” that you may encounter.

But wait! There’s more!
Only because women can become formidable fighters by studying this DVD, doesn’t mean that women need to look thuggish and unattractive. With that in mind, I have decided to throw in, for FREE, a DVD that every woman in the planet should own!!
I give you…
Tal Reinhart Facial Workout - Because the Muscles Don't End at the Neck.

The exercises illustrated in this DVD provide a great foundation for daily workouts that will naturally lift, strengthen and sculpt those muscles, creating a refreshed look that is firm and youthful.

The course is comprised of seven segments:
Forehead, Eyes, Mouth,Cheeks, Jaw and Neck; a Full Exercise Routine.

The Facial Training method presented in the course was developed by Tal Reinharts.
Tal specializes in a wide variety of physical training and dance methods. Her studies and extensive training has culminated in the development and refinement of this method for Facial Training.
65 minutes.

This DVD alone is worth over $20!
Don’t believe me?
Make a search and you’ll see for yourself. And it more than makes up for the price of the main DVD.

Hopefully this DVD will be a great asset in your life. More importantly, it has made my wife happy!
And now, she has informed me that I don’t have to worry about eating corn on the cob,… without any *!#% TEETH!

The DVD's can be played in almost any DVD player.
All the DVDs and CD's are checked for errors, but if any CD or DVD does not work, simply return it to me and I will replace it immediately at no charge.

Policy The DVD can be played in almost any DVD player. All the DVDs and CD's are checked for errors, but if any CD or DVD does not work, simply return it to me and I will replace it immediately at no charge.
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