Elvis Presley: Behind the Scenes at the Seattle World's Fair. 8mm Footage!

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Elvis Presley - Behind-the-Scenes at the Seattle World's Fair.

A Behind the Scenes look at the Seattle World's Fair while filming his movie “It Happened At The World's Fair”.

8mm Footage of Elvis Presley, As Never Seen Before!

In 1962, Seattle became home to two important events: the Seattle World's Fair and as part of it, the filming of Elvis' 13th motion picture, It Happened At The World's Fair.

Then aged 21, Albert Fisher, the man responsible for this release, worked in the TV and Movie Department at the Seattle's World Fair. He was given the role of Technical Advisor for the filming of Elvis' 13th movie, and granted direct access to Elvis, his co-stars, the crew, and shooting of the film. During the weeks of filming, Albert was on hand with his 8mm home movie camera capturing Elvis and others "off camera".

The fruits of that footage are now available, having been transferred via high quality digital tape to the DVD format. The result is an absorbing documentary account of not only Elvis, but the Seattle World's Fair itself.

With very little candid footage existing of Elvis "off stage", Albert Fisher's video images are a most welcome and important historical record of an informal Elvis Presley... Elvis the man, not necessarily Elvis the performer.

The footage on display includes Elvis, Colonel Parker, Red West, young Kurt Russell, an even younger Vicky Tiu, Joan O'Brien, the impressive Space Needle, director Norman Taurog and Bitsy Mott. There is also footage taken by Albert Fisher of the closing scenes of the movie.

There are many amusing anecdotes told throughout the documentary and a neat trick is revealed on how,during filming of It Happened At The World's Fair, people were made to look skyward as if they were looking at the famous Space Needle which had been built as centerpiece for the Fair.

While watching the DVD we learn plenty of interesting pieces of information. How many of us knew Vicky Tiu went on to become the First Lady of Hawaii or that the Belgian waffle was introduced to Americans during the Seattle World's Fair?

And how many of us knew that Elvis presented the Governor of Washington with a ham, that's right, a ham, from Elvis' own farm? And here we get to see the footage of this rather unusual presentation.

And if you want to learn how the Colonel can steal someone's thunder, then this is the DVD to watch. You'll smile when you hear how he trumped Albert Fisher (and while Albert can smile about it now he probably had a much different reaction back in 1963 when It Happened At The World's Fair premiered!)

There is also an interesting photo montage with stills of some of the visitors to the World's Fair. They include Richard Nixon, astronaut John Glenn, singing cowboy husband and wife, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, French star, Maurice Chevalier and England's Prince Philip.

Considering the relatively primitive nature of home movie cameras in 1962 the color footage is surprisingly good. At times it is dark, cloudy or jerky with some specks or other imperfections, but overall it is very watchable...and you will want to watch it!

As home movie cameras didn't have audio in 1962, a very pleasant overlay music soundtrack has been added.

A strength of the documentary is its very smart and tight editing which offers the viewer a well-constructed look at both the Seattle World's Fair and Elvis' involvement in it.

Some reviewers have been critical of the relatively high price for this release which has a running time around 28 minutes. However, what price do we put on rare Elvis footage with important historical significance?

Verdict: With its rare historical footage,'Elvis Presley Behind-the-Scenes at the Seattle's World Fair' is one of the more important DVD releases in recent years.

I’m throwing in…A Free Bonus DVD!

Elvis Presley - Kissin' Cousins Songs.

Elvis singing the songs from the film “Kissin Cousins”

Includes the songs:

Kissin’ Cousins
Smokey Mountain Boy
There’s Gold In The Mountains
One Boy Two Little Girls
Catchin’ On Fast
Tender Feeling
Barefoot Ballad
Once Is Enough
Kissin’Cousins 2

The DVD can be played in almost any DVD player.
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Policy The DVD can be played in almost any DVD player. All the DVDs and CD's are checked for errors, but if any CD or DVD does not work, simply return it to me and I will replace it immediately at no charge.
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