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Outboard Motor Adaption Device we call the HD


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The HD will allow you to adapt an off the shelf gas or diesel, 4-16 hp horizontal shaft engine to the device to allow it to perform like an outboard motor at a fraction of the total cost. The HD has a universal clamp so it can be used with wooden, aluminum, fiberglass, or inflatable boats. The device has a universal engine mount so most engines will work with a 4 bolt down pattern. The HD will allow for low water or land docking by removal of the prop out of the water line. It also acts as the rutter to steer the boat, and will allow for starting or idle without the prop being engaged. We are looking for a metal fabricator or manufacturer of stainless or aluminum in any part of the world to join us as partners. we will license off the HD patent and accept monthly royalties on actual units sold. We can develop a down line of marine hardware parts worldwide also. If interested in this business opportunity, please contact me here directly.

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