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Men's Western Hat

$110 $200.00

Category Fashion / Clothing Shoes Accessories
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Expiring On Feb 24, 2020

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This Men's Western Hat is chestnut (034) in color with a multi-color braid around it. There are some beads with a small feather attached to the part of the braid. S237 Timber Creek Size 7 3/8 XLO is listed on the original ticket. It has the original price listed on the tag inside the hat and is clearly labeled 'Long Oval'. There are some discolorations on the lining and some wear on the band inside. Based on research, the hat is a vintage selection from the late 70's or early 80's. The brand is 'Resistol'- Stagecoach and the store of purchase information is inside the hat also. There is some damage to the lid of the box.

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