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Flowers in A Vase

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This print (appears to be a print) is matted behind a glass with a beautiful frame that really stands out. The frame size is H: 34 1/2" x W: 22 3/4" x D: 1 3/8" sculptured with gold paint. There are three different sized mats which are different colors. The first mat consists of a mingled-marbleized beige/white and a light/medium dark beige effect which is H: 30" W: 18 1/4" with a 2 1/2" width border. The second mat is narrower and is H: 24 3/4" W: 13 1/4" with a 1/4" width border which is a darker solid shade of beige. The third mat is H: 24 1/4" W: 12 1/2" with a 1/2" width border which is a white or off-white color.
The sight (print) consists of a floral arrangement in a concrete planter urn type positioned on top of a sculptured ledge or urn pedestal. The flowers appear to be roses of white and mauve/pink with gold tones on some of the white flowers. There are greenery and other long-stem type flowers similar to snap dragons included as well. I would say the picture is a print of a painting by Ms. Mock.
The frame is sculptured with flowers and leaves on the largest seen portion that has a grayish color of almost concrete texture in between the sculptured part. Adjoining the larger portion of the frame is a narrower section of solid gold in color which is adjoined by a even narrower section that is sculptured with small roses and leaves in the design. I cannot tell if the frame is of wood construction or not but it is very eye-catching. The photos of the frame really do not do the piece justice. There is some minor damage to the corner area on the bottom of the frame, such as small chips.
With all the mauve colors involved, my guess would be this picture is from the 1980s. The backing DOES NOT have any labeling of the name 'Home Interior' or 'Homco'. The artist is Barbara Mock and is signed without a date or a print number; however, a copyright symbol is located by the last name. The paper lining on the back of the frame is in great condition except for a mark on the bottom corner. There is a long cord located on the back attached by some sort of two brackets with two screws on each for hanging purposes which is nicely done.

I have researched for information regarding the print and as of yet to find another one like it; therefore, I do not know the name of the actual piece of work.

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