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USPS Dragons Sheet of 16 Forever Stamps


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Throughout history and across the globe — from Europe to the Middle East to Asia to the Americas — people have enjoyed tales of mythological creatures. Though these legendary animals vary in shape, size and color, they’re most often described as lizard-like with four legs, sharp claws, scales, wings and spiky tails. The stamps feature four colorful dragons set against four unique backgrounds.

In the Far East, dragons are ubiquitous. The wingless orange dragon weaving its way around a pagoda is inspired by creatures found in Asian art, architecture, folk religion and ancient lore. The Chinese, in particular, have venerated the dragon for thousands of years.

European folklore inspired the dragons on two other stamps. The purple dragon with orange wings and sharp black armor on its back snakes around a white castle that evokes Camelot. The green fire-breathing dragon towers over a medieval-inspired castle. The fierce beasts have even become part of the identity of many countries.
New, Never Hinged set. Ships with care in a cardboard envelope with tracking.

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