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Altec Lansing Model 19 Speakers


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This is a beautiful pair of Altec Lansing Model 19 Speakers with all original drivers: 15” 416-8B woofers, 802-8G high frequency tangerine drivers, 811 horns, and original crossovers that have been upgraded with same value but higher quality capacitors. Original cabinets and grills are in a very good shape with a few hard to notice imperfections expected on a 40 something year old speakers. There is also a hard to notice slight imperfection on one of the dust caps…please refer to the large photos taken in full day light.

The sound is phenomenal! Following Voice of a Theatre tradition but with better quality home cabinet, improved bass driver, and most importantly tangerine improved HF driver Altec Lansing created a true sound masterpiece called Altec Lansing Model 19 that decade after decade keeps impressing listeners and gaining following. I listened many pairs of Altec 19s over the past decade and compared them with various speakers from JBL L300 to different larger JBL blue monitors, to Different 15” Tannoy speakers, to Klipschorns, and many tens of thousands of dollars new speakers and time after time, not just for my ears, Altec 19s hold their own and separate themselves from a crowd with extraordinary imaging, and fine balance between low rumbling bass, crisp and open highs and smooth mids. Altec 19’s HF drivers with horns are truly special in how open and smooth they are and time after time in testing they perform smoothness of highs that easily goes beyond human ear limitations. They are the Holy Grails of vintage audio!

Policy in their original condition within 30 days and I will pay for return shipping. There is no return fee.
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