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Sailor Moon is an anime series that spawned 200 TV episodes in 5 seasons and 3 films. The movies were released theatrically in Japan in 1993, 1994, and 1995 and first made their way to North America in 2000 where all three films were dubbed in English by Pioneer Entertainment in association with Optimum Productions. The original DVDs featured original Japanese and uncut English audio tracks accompanied by the films’ original background music while the VHS tapes had the edited English track with different BGM supplied by DiC Entertainment.

Now, experience both of the original English versions of the Sailor Moon movies, remastered in amazing high definition and widescreen picture, in three 2-disc sets! Every Disc 1 has the original uncut English audio track while Disc 2 features the edited English dub found on the VHS versions, now made available on DVD, with every scene alternation and change applied to the picture. Relive how Sailor Moon was first introduced the Western world!

Sailor Movie R: The Movie – The Promise of the Rose
It’s a typical day for Serena, her friends, and her boyfriend Darien when Darien’s friend Fiore suddenly appears bearing a present: a flower called the Kisenian Blossom. Little did they know that Kisenian is a beautiful but deadly creature bent on taking over Earth with Kisenian Spores that will cover the entire planet and drain human energy. Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Scouts must stop Kisenian’s evil plan and save everyone from disaster!

Sailor Movie S: The Movie – Hearts in Ice
The evil Snow Princess Kaguya travels to Earth after wandering through space in the hope to turn it into a personal frozen paradise. Meanwhile, astronomer Kakeru picks up a piece from Snow Kaguya’s comet and the fragment gradually drains his life force, strengthening Snow Kaguya’s power. Sailor Moon and the other 8 Sailor Scouts have to work together to stop Snow Princess Kaguya and her Snow Dancers from freezing everyone and everything while Serena’s magical talking cat Luna must figure out a way to save Kakeru and in turn, Earth.

Sailor Movie SuperS: The Movie – Black Dream Hole
Children are disappearing from towns and cities all over the world, and it’s all due to Queen Badiyanu’s magic and promise to help them remain children forever in sleep with their sweet dreams when really, she uses their “sugar energy” to feed the Black Dream Hole which will continue to grow until it is big enough to swallow Earth! Meanwhile, Rini befriends a fairy named Peruru who originally worked for Badiyanu but later doubts and deserts her by explaining her plan to the Sailor Scouts. Unfortunately, Badiyanu realizes that Rini’s sugar energy as Sailor Mini Moon is enormous and more than enough to power Black Dream Hole and kidnaps her. Sailor Moon must rescue Rini and the other kidnapped children from Badiyanu’s Dream Boxes with the help with Peruru and the other Sailor Scouts.

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