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Arthritis Reversed Book

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In the pages of the Arthritis Reversed paperback book, Dr. Wiley shows you how to determine the underlying—and sometimes hidden—causes of your arthritic symptoms. These are actually obvious root causes and contributors that are only “hidden” because you have not (yet) been taught to look for and identify them.

You’ll learn answers to common questions like:

Is exercise helpful or harmful?
What role does weather REALLY play in arthritis?
When is arthroscopic surgery helpful for arthritis?
How long should you wait for any particular therapy to work?
Dr. Wiley will also show you how to do this and then how to use that knowledge to reduce your pain and halt or slow the progression of the condition, typically within 30 to 90 days.

The solution to your daily suffering is grounded in a five-part process called, the Arthritis Relief Action Plan:

Part 1: Educate yourself about the real causes and solutions of arthritis

Part 2: Reduce the current level of symptoms you are experiencing

Part 3: Halt or significantly reduce the worsening of your condition

Part 4: Prevent the symptoms from flaring to improve your quality of life

Part 5: Regenerate healthy tissue to reverse the damage done

Dr. Mark Wiley has spent decades researching and mastering natural wellness practices around the world. He’s taken those techniques and pioneered a powerful, integrated mind/body approach to arthritis relief and prevention. Simply put, mainstream medicine fails to eradicate our everyday pains, illnesses and diseases. It fails because it is passive and reactionary and thus it is unable to prevent you from experiencing chronic health conditions.

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