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This Lesson CD will work for Windows, Linux and MAC computers

Every CD Will Have The Following:
Tuxguitar Software Installation, Tuxguitar Tabs, Backing Tracks, Tablature Ebooks, Bonus PDF Tabs, Text Format Printable Tabs, Instructions and Free Bonuses Listed at the bottom of this AD

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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 203 TESLA Tabs And 5 Backing Tracks
Learn All 157 QUEENSRYCHE Tabs And 13 Backing Tracks

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

2 Late 4 Love
A Lot To Lose
Action Talks
All Of Me
Be a Man
Before My Eyes
Breakin Free
Call It What You Want
Can't Stop
Caught In A Dream
Change In The Weather
Come To Me
Comin Atcha Live
Cover Queen
Did It For The Money
Don't De-Rock Me
Down Fo Boogie
Edison's Medicine
EZ Come EZ Go
Fallin Apart
Flight To Nowhere
Forever More
Freedom Slaves
Gettin ' Better
Got No Glory
Government Personnel
Had Enough
Hang Tough
Heaven Nine Eleven
Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
I Wanna Live
In A Hole Again
Into The Now
Just In Case
Lady Luck
Last Action Hero
Lazy Days Crazy Nights
Little Suzi Intro
Lodi Live
Look At Me
Love Me
Love Song
Love Song live
Love Song Acoustic
Making Magic
Mighty Mouse
Miles Away
Modern Day Cowboy
Modern Day Cowboy Unplugged
Mother's Little Helper
Need Your Lovin
One Day At A Time
Only You
Paradise Live
Party's Over
Pvt. Ledbetter
Rock Me To The Top
She Want She Want
Signs Live
So What
Song And Emotion
Stir It Up
The First Time
The Game
The Gate Invited
The Way It Is
Toke About It
Tommy's Down Home
Try So Hard
We Can Work It Out
We're No Good Together
What A Shame
What You Give
Wonderful World
Words Can't Explain
Yesterdaze Gone

Anarchy X
Anarchy X - Revolution Calling
Another Rainy Night Without You
Anybody Listening
Arrow Of Time
Best I Can
Blood Of The Levant
Breaking The Silence
Chasing Blue Sky
Chemical Youth We Are Rebellion
Della Brown
Eyes Of A Stranger
I Am I
I Don't Believe In Love
I Dream In Infrared
I Will Remember
Jet City Woman
Lady Jane
My Empty Room
My Global Mind
Neue Regel
One More Time
Operation Mindcrime
Out Of Mind
Queen Of The Reich
Rage For Order
Real World
Revolution Calling
Roads To Madness
Scarborough Fair
Screaming In Digital
Selfish Lives
Sign Of The Times
Silent Lucidity
Someone Else
Spreading The Disease
Suite Sister Mary
Surgical Strike
Take Hold Of The Flame
The Killing Words
The Killing Words Live
The Lady Wore Black
The Mission
The Needle Lies
The Whisper
Thin Line
Waiting For 22
Walk In The Shadow

All Songs Listed Below are Chords, Tabs in Text and in PDF

A Lot To Lose Acoustic Live chords
A Lot To Lose Intro tab
A Lot To Lose Solo tab
All Of Me Intro tab
All Of Me Solo tab
Breakin Free Intro tab
Breakin Free Outro Solo tab
Breakin Free Solo tab
Burnout To Fade chords
Call It What You Want Intro tab
Caught In A Dream Acoustic chords
Caught In A Dream Intro Solo tab
Caught In A Dream Solo tab
Change In The Weather Intro tab
Change In The Weather Outro Solo tab
Change In The Weather Solo tab
Changes intro tab
Come To Me bass tab
Dont De-Rock Me Intro tab
Down Fo Boggie bass tab
Down Fo Boogie Intro tab
Down Fo Boogie Solo tab
Edisons Medicine Intro tab
Edisons Medicine Outro tab
Edisons Medicine Solo tab
Ez Come Ez Go bass tab
Ez Come Ez Go Intro tab
Ez Come Ez Go Outro tab
Ez Come Ez Go Solo tab
Fallin Apart Intro tab
Fallin Apart Outro Solo tab
Fallin Apart Solo tab
Forever More Intro tab
Forever More Live Solo tab
Forever More Outro tab
Forever More solo tab
Freedom Slaves intro tab
Games People Play chords
Games People Play tab
Gettin Better bass tab
Gettin Better Intro tab
Gettin Better solo tab
Got No Glory Intro tab
Got No Glory Outro tab
Government Personnel Intro tab
Hang Tough bass tab
Hang Tough Intro tab
Hang Tough Outro tab
Hang Tough Solo tab
Heaven Nine Eleven intro tab
I Love You chords
I Wanna Live Intro tab
I Wanna Live Solo tab
In A Hole Again Intro tab
In A Hole Again Solo tab
Into The Now Intro tab
Just In Case Acoustic chords
Just In Case Intro tab
Just In Case Outro Solo tab
Just In Case Solo tab
Lady Luck Intro tab
Little Suzi bass tab
Little Suzi chords
Little Suzi Live intro tab
Love Song Acoustic chords
Love Song bass tab
Love Song intro tab
Love Song Solo tab
Mighty Mouse Intro tab
Modern Day Cowboy bass tab
Modern Day Cowboy Intro tab
Modern Day Cowboy Outro tab
Modern Day Cowboy Solo tab
Need Your Lovin Intro tab
Need Your Lovin Outro Solo tab
Need Your Lovin Solo tab
One Day At A Time Intro tab
One Day At A Time Outro tab
One Day At A Time Solo tab
Only You Intro tab
Only You Solo tab
Paradise Intro tab
Paradise Live Acoustic chords
Paradise Outro tab
Pvt Ledbetter Acoustic chords
Pvt Ledbetter Intro tab
Pvt Ledbetter Outro Solo tab
Pvt Ledbetter Solo tab
Rock Bottom tab
Rock Me To The Top bass tab
Rock Me To The Top intro tab
Rock Me To The Top Outro tab
Rubberband tab
Save That Goodness chords
Signs Acoustic chords
Signs bass tab
Signs Intro tab
Signs Outro tab
Signs Solo tab
So Divine solo tab
So Divine tab
So What Intro tab
So What Solo tab
Song And Emotion Intro tab
Thank You tab
The First Time Intro tab
The First Time Outro Solo tab
The First Time Solo tab
The Game Intro tab
The Game Solo tab
The Way It Is Acoustic chords
The Way It Is bass tab
The Way It Is Intro tab
The Way It Is Outro tab
The Way It Is Solo tab
What You Give Acoustic chords
What You Give Intro tab
What You Give Outro tab
What You Give solo tab
Wonderful World Intro tab
Words Cant Explain Acoustic chords

Anarchy-X bass tab
Anarchy-X Intro tab
Anarchy-X Solo tab
Another Rainy Night intro tab
Another Rainy Night Without You Acoustic chords
Anybody Listening Intro tab
Anybody Listening Solo tab
Best I Can Intro tab
Best I Can solo tab
Breaking The Silence Intro tab
Breaking The Silence Solo tab
Chasing Blue Sky Acoustic chords
Desert Dance Tab
Electric Requiem tab
Empire bass tab
Empire Intro tab
Empire Outro tab
Empire solo tab
Eyes Of A Stranger Intro tab
Get A Life tab
Hand On Heart tab
Hero Tab
I Am I Intro tab
I Dont Believe In Love intro tab
I Dont Believe In Love intro tab
I Dont Believe In Love Outro tab
I Dont Believe In Love Solo tab
I Will Remember Intro tab
I Will Remember Solo tab
Jet City Woman Acoustic chords

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