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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 322 SLAYER Tabs And 34 Backing Tracks
Learn All 151 TESTAMENT Tabs And 8 Backing Tracks

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

Abolish Government - Superficial Love
Aggressive Perfector
Aggresivve Perfector Live
Altars Of Sacrifice
Angel Of Death
At Dawn They Sleep
Atrocity Vendor
Behind The Crooked Cross
Beauty Through Order
Bitter Peace
Black Magic
Black Serenade
Blood Red
Born Of Fire
Cant Stand You
Captor Of Sin
Cast Down
Cast The First Stone
Chemical Warfare
Circle Of Beliefs
Cleanse The Soul
Criminally Insane
Crypts Of Eternity
Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers (D.D.A.M.M.)
Dead Skin Mask
Death's Head
Delusions Of Saviour
Die By The Sword
Disintegration-Free Money
Dissident Aggressor
Divine Intervention
Evil Has No Boundaries
Exile (Intro)
Eyes Of The Insane
Expendable Youth
Face The Slayer
Fictional Reality
Fight Til Death
Final Command
Final Six
Flesh Storm
Free Money
Ghosts Of War
God Send Death
Guilty Of Being White
Hallowed Point
Hardening Of The Arteries
Hate Worldwide
Haunting The Chapel
Haunting The Chapel Album
Hell Awaits
Hell Awaits (Live At The Warfield)
Here Comes The Pain
Human Strain
I Hate You
I Hate You (Solos)
I'm Gonna Be Your God
Inna Gadda Da Vida
In The Name Of God
Jesus Saves
Kill Again
Killing Fields
Live Undead
Love To Hate
Mandatory Suicide
Memories Of Tomorrow
Metal Storm-Face The Slayer
Mind Control
Mr Freeze
New Faith
Overt Enemy
Perversions Of Pain
Piano Wire
Piece By Piece
Playing With Dolls
Praise Of Death
Pride In Prejudice
Psychopathy Red
Public Display Of Dismemberment
Raining Blood
Raining Blood-Altars of Sacrifice-Jesus Saves
Raining Blood Solo
Read Between The Lines
Reign In Blood
Reign In Blood Album
Screaming From The sky
Seasons In The Abyss
Serenity In Murder
Seven Faces
Sex, Murder, Art
Show No Mercy
Show No Mercy Album
Skeleton Christ
Skeletons Of Society
Silent Scream
Slayer Medley
South Of Heaven
South Of Heaven Bass
South Of Heaven Live
Spill The Blood
Spirit In Black
Spiritual Law
Strain Of Mind
Superficial Love
The Antichrist
The Blood Red
The Final Command
Unguarded Instinct
Unit 731
Verbal Abuse-Leeches
Violent Pacification
War Ensemble
War Zone
When The Stillness Comes
Witching Hour
World Painted Blood
You Against You

3 Days Of Darkness
A Day In The Death
A Day Of Reckoning
Absence Of Light
Alone In The Dark
Alone In The Dark Solo
Apocalyptic City
As The Seasons Grey
Beginning Of The End
Blessed In Contempt
Brotherhood Of The Snake
Burnt Offerings
Careful What You Wish For
Chasing Fear
Cold Embrace
Confusion Fusion
Curse Of The Legions Of Death
Dark Roots Of Earth
Demonic Refusal
Disciples Of The Watch
D.N.R. Do Not Resuscitate
Do Or Die
Dog Faced Gods
Down For Life
Eerie Inhabitants
Electric Crown
Envy Life
Eyes Of Wrath
Face In The Sky
Falling Fast
First Strike Is Deadly
Hail Mary
Hammer Of The Gods
Hatred's Rise
Into The Pit
Last Call
Last Stand For Independence
Legions Of Dead
Let Go Of My World
Love To Hate
More Than Meets The Eye
More Than Meets The Eye Intro
More Than Meets The Eye Solo
Musical Death
Native Blood
New Order
Nobody’s Fault
One Mans Fate
Over The Wall
Over The Wall (Acoustic)
Perilous Nation
Practice What You Preach
Raging Waters
Reign Of Terror
Return To Serenity
Return To Serenity (Acoustic)
Rise Up
Seven Days Of May
Signs Of Chaos
Sin Of Omission
So Many Lies
Souls Of Black
Souls Of Black Solo
The Ballad
The Burning Times
The Evil Has Landed
The Evil Has Landed Intro
The Formation Of Damnation
The Formation Of Damnation Intro
The Haunting
The Legacy
The New Order
The Preacher
The Ritual
The Sermon
Throne Of Thorns
Time Is Coming
Trail Of Tears
Trial By Fire
Troubled Dreams
True American Hate
True Believer

All Songs Listed Below are Chords, Tabs in Text and in PDF

213 bass tab
Abolish Government - Superficial Love bass tab
Aggressive Perfector bass tab
Altar Of Sacrifice bass tab
Americon bass tab
Angel Of Death bass tab
Angel Of Death solo tab
At Dawn They Sleep bass tab
Atrocity Vendor intro tab
Behind The Crooked Cross bass tab
Behind The Crooked Cross solo tab
Bitter Peace bass tab
Bitter Peace solo tab
Black Magic bass tab
Black Magic solo tab
Blood Red bass tab
Bloodline bass tab
Bloodline intro tab
Born Of Fire bass tab
Born To Be Wild bass tab
Born To Be Wild tab
Cant Stand You bass tab
Captor Of Sin bass tab
Cast Down bass tab
Chasing Death tab
Chemical Warfare bass tab
Chemical Warfare solo tab
Christ Illusion album tab
Criminally Insane bass tab
Crionics bass tab
Crionics intro tab
Crionics solo tab
Crypts Of Eternity bass tab
Cult bass tab
Darkness Of Christ bass tab
Darkness Of Christ tab
Damm Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers bass tab
Dead Skin Mask bass tab
Dead Skin Mask solo tab
Deaths Head bass tab
Deaths Head solo tab
Delusions Of Saviour bass tab
Deviance bass tab
Diabolus In Musica album tab
Die By The Sword bass tab
Disciple bass tab
Disintegration - Free Money bass tab
Disiple intro tab
Disorder tab
Dissident Aggressor bass tab
Dittohead bass tab
Divine Intervention album tab
Divine Intervention bass tab
Divine Intervention solo tab
Epidemic bass tab
Evil Has No Boundaries bass tab
Eyes Of The Insane bass tab
Expendable Youth bass tab
Fight Till Death bass tab
Fight Till Death solo tab
Filler I Dont Want To Hear It bass tab
Filler I Dont Want To Hear It tab
Flesh Storm bass tab
Gemini bass tab
Gemini solo tab
Give Me A Reason tab
God Hates Us All album bass tab
God Hates Us All album tab
God Send Death bass tab
Guilty Of Being White bass tab
Hardening Of The Arteries bass tab
Hate Worldwide bass tab
Haunting The Chapel album tab
Haunting The Chapel solo tab
Hell Awaits album tab
Hell Awaits bass tab
Here Comes The Pain bass tab
High Preistess tab
Human Disease tab
I Hate You bass tab
Ice Titan tab
Im Gonna Be Your God bass tab
In A Gadda Da Vida bass tab
In The Name Of God solo tab
Jesus Saves bass tab
Jihad bass tab
Kill Again bass tab
Killing Fields bass tab
Live Undead album tab
Live Undead bass tab
Mandatory Suicide bass tab
Mandatory Suicide solo tab
Metal Storm Face The Slayer bass tab
Metal Storm solo tab
Mind Control bass tab
Mr Freeze bass tab
Necrophobic bass tab
Necrophobic solo tab
New Faith bass tab
Night Rider tab
No Sleep Till Borrklyn tab
Not Of This God tab
Overt Enemy bass tab
Payback bass tab
Perversions Of Pain bass tab
Perversions Of Pain solo tab
Piece By Piece bass tab
Playing With Dolls bass tab
Playing With Dolls intro tab
Point bass tab
Point solo tab
Postmortem bass tab
Praise Of Death bass tab
Pride In Prejudice tab

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