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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 407 RISE AGAINST Tabs And 17 Backing Tracks
Learn All 130 RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Tabs And 19 Backing Tracks

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

3 Day Weekend
1000 Good Intentions
A Gentlemens Coup
Alive And Well
Amber Changing
Anyway You Want It
Anywhere But Here
Anywhere But Here Acoustic
Approaching Curve
Audience Of One
Audience Of One Acoustic
Behind Closed Doors
Black Masks And Gasoline
Blood Red White And Blue
Blood To Bleed Acoustic
Blood To Bleed
Boys No Good
Broadcast Signal Frequency
Broken English
But Tonight We Dance
Chamber The Cartridge
Dancing For Rain Acoustic Solo
Dancing For Rain
Dead Ringer
Death Blossoms
Dirt And Roses
Elective Amnesia
Everchanging Acoustic
Faint Resemblance
For Fiona
From Heads Unworthy
Generation Lost Intro
Generation Lost
Give It All
Good Left Undone
Great Awakening
Hairline Fracture
Halfway There
Heaven Knows
Help Is On The Way
Hero Of War
Historia Calamitatum
House On Fire
How Many Walls
I Dont Want To Be Here Anymore
Join The Ranks
Kotov Syndrome
Last Chance Blueprint
Life Less Frightening
Life Less Frightening Acoustic
Like The Angel Solo
Like The Angel
Long Forgotten Sons
Make It Stop Septembers Children
Midnight Hands
Minor Threat
My Life Inside Your Heart
Nervous Breakdown
Paper Wings Acoustic
Paper Wings
People Live Here
Politics Of Love
Prayer Of The Refugee Acoustic
Prayer Of The Refugee
Ready To Fall
Reception Fades
Remains Of Summer Memories
Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Siren Song Of The Counter Culture Part 1 Album
Siren Song Of The Counter Culture Part 2 Album
Six Ways Till Sunday
Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up
State Of The Union
Survive Acoustic
Survive Intro
Survivor Guilt
Swing Life Away
Swing Life Away Acoustic
The Art Of Losing
The Black Market
The Dirt Whispered Intro
The Dirt Whispered
The Eco-Terrorist In Me
The First Drop
The Good Left Undone
The Strength To Go On
The Unraveling
The Violence
This Is Letting Go
Tip The Scales Intro
Tip The Scales
To The Core
To Them These Streets Belong
Tragedy Time Intro
Tragedy Time
Under The Knife
Voices Off Camera
Wait For Me
Welcome To The Breakdown
Whereabouts Unknown
Worth Dying For
Zero Visibility

Are You Ready
Ashes In The Fall
Beautiful World
Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
Born As Ghosts
Born Of A Bullet
Born Of A Broken Man
Bullet In The Head
Bulls On Parade
Bulls On Parade Radio Free La
Calm Like A Bomb
Clear The Lane
Darkness Of Greed
Down On The Street
Down Rodeo
Face Off
Fistful Of Steel
F**k The Police
Good Morning Vietnam
Guerrilla Radio
How I Could Just Kill A Man
I'm Housin
In My Eyes
Kick Out The Jams
Killing In The Name Of
Know Your Enemy
Lick Off Tha Shot
Maggie's Farm
Mic Check
Microphone Fiend
New Millennium Homes
No Shelter
People Of The Sun
Pistol Grip Pump
Renegades Of Funk
Roll Right
Settle For Nothing
Sleep Now In The Fire
Street Fighting Man
Take The Power Back
The Ghost Of Tom Joad
The Narrows
The Wind Below
Tire Me
Township Rebellion
Voice Of The Voiceless
Wake Up
War Within A Breath
Wind Below
Without A Face
Year Of The Boomerang
Zapatas Blood

All Songs Listed Below are Chords, Tabs in Text and in PDF

3 Day Weekend bass tab
401 Kill bass tab
1000 Good Intentions bass tab
1000 Good Intentions intro tab
A Beautiful Indifference bass tab
A Beautiful Indifference tab
A Gentlemens Coup bass tab
About Damn Time tab
Alive And Well bass tab
Amber Changing bass tab
Amber Changing chords
Any Way You Want It solo tab
Anyway You Want It bass tab
Anywhere But Here bass tab
Anywhere But Here Acoustic chords
Appeal To Reason Album bass tab
Approaching Curve bass tab
Architects bass tab
Architects chords
Art Of Losing bass tab
Audience Of One bass tab
Audience Of One chords
Awake Too Long bass tab
Awake Too Long chords
Awake Too Long tab
Behind Closed Doors bass tab
Behind Closed Doors chords
Ben Werbz tab
Black Masks And Gasoline Acoustic chords
Black Masks And Gasoline bass tab
Blind bass tab
Blind chords
Blind solo tab
Blood Red White And Blue bass tab
Blood Red White And Blue chords
Blood To Bleed bass tab
Blood To Bleed chords
Blood To Bleed intro tab
Blood To Bleed solo tab
Break Free tab
Break Me Up tab
Bricks bass tab
Bridges bass tab
Bridges chords
Bridges tab
Broken English bass tab
Broken Mirrors bass tab
Broken Mirrors chords
Broken Mirrors tab
Built To Last tab
Bullshit bass tab
Bullshit chords
But Tonight We Dance bass tab
But Tonight We Dance chords
But Tonight We Dance solo tab
Chamber The Cartridge bass tab
Chamber The Cartridge intro tab
Collapse bass tab
Collapse chords
Dead Ringer bass tab
Dancing For Rain bass tab
Dancing For Rain chords
Dancing For Rain intro tab
Death Blossoms bass tab
Diabolic tab
Diaspora chords
Diaspora intro tab
Dirt And Roses bass tab
Dirt And Roses chords
Disparity By Design bass tab
Disparity By Design chords
Disparity By Design tab
Drones bass tab
Drones chords
Elective Amnesia bass tab
Endgame Album bass tab
Endgame bass tab
Endgame chords
Entertainment bass tab
Entertainment chords
Entertainment intro tab
Envy Is Dangerous tab
Escape Artists bass tab
Everchanging Acoustic chords
Everchanging bass tab
Faint Resemblance bass tab
Far From Perfect chords
First Drop tab
Fix Me bass tab
Fix Me tab
For Fiona chords
From Heads Unworthy bass tab
From Heads Unworthy chords
From Heads Unworthy intro tab
Generation Lost bass tab
Get Over Yourself bass tab
Gethsemane bass tab
Gethsemane intro tab
Give It All bass tab
Give It All chords
Good Left Undone Acoustic chords
Good Left Undone Acoustic tab
Good Left Undone bass tab
Good Left Undone solo tab
Grammatizator bass tab
Grammatizator tab
Great Awakening bass tab
Hairline Fracture bass tab
Hairline Fracture chords
Hairline Fracture intro tab
Halfway There bass tab
Heaven Knows bass tab
Heaven Knows chords
Help Is On The Way bass tab
Help Is On The Way chords
Hero Of War Acoustic chords
Hero Of War bass tab
Historia Calamitatum bass tab
Historia Calamitatum chords
House On Fire Acoustic chords
House On Fire bass tab
How Many Walls bass tab
How Many Walls chords
I Dont Want To Be Here Anymore Acoustic tab
I Dont Want To Be Here Anymore bass tab
I Dont Want To Be Here Anymore chords
Injection bass tab
Injection chords
Its Late tab
Join The Ranks bass tab
Kiss The Bottle Acoustic chords
Kotov Syndrome bass tab
Kotov Syndrome chords
Lanterns bass tab
Lanterns tab

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