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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 165 MANOWAR Tabs And 18 Backing Tracks
Learn All 104 SAXON Tabs And 6 Backing Tracks

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

Achilles Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts Death Hectors Reward
Achilles Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts Funeral March
Achilles Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts Hector Storms The Wall
Achilles Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts Prelude
Achilles Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts
All Men Play On Ten
Army Of Immortals
Battle Hymns Acoustic
Battle Hymns
Black Wind Fire And Steel
Blood Brothers
Blood Of My Enemies
Blood Of My Enemies Intro
Blood Of The Kings
Blow Your Speakers
Bridge Of Death
Brothers Of Metal
Call To Arms
Carry On
Carry On Solo
Dark Avenger
Dawn Of Battle
Die For Metal
Die With Honor
Each Dawn I Die
Father Lead
Fight For Freedom
Fight Until We Die
Fighting The World
Gates Of Valhalla
Gloves Of Metal
Gods Of War
Guyana Cult Of The Damned Intro
Hail And Kill
Hail To England
Hand Of Doom
Heart Of Steel
Holy War
House Of Death
Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors
I Believe
Kill With Power
King Of Kings
Kingdom Come
Kings Of Metal
Let The Gods Decide
Loki God Of Fire
Master Of The Wind
Metal Warriors
Mountains Intro
My Spirit Lives On
Number 1
Pleasure Slave
Return Of The Warlord
Revelation Deaths Angel
Ride The Dragon
Secrets Of Steel
Shell Shock
Sons Of Odin
Sons Of Odin Solo
Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee
Sting Of The Bumblebee
Swords In The Wind
The Art Of Ross The Boss
The Crown And The Ring
The Gods Made Heavy Metal
The Oath
The Power Of Thy Sword
The Power
Thor The Powerhead
Today Is A Good Day To Die
Touch The Sky
Violence And Bloodshed
Warriors Of The World United
Wheels Of Fire

747 Strangers In The Night
20000 Feet
And The Bands Played On
Battering Ram
Battle Cry Intro
Broken Heroes
Cut Out The Disease
Dallas 1 Pm
Denim And Leather
Dogs Of War
Fire In The Sky
Frozen Rainbow
Heavy Metal Thunder
Hold On
Hungry Years
I Cant Wait Anymore
Ive Got To Rock To Stay Alive
Jack Tars
Just Let Me Rock
Killing Ground
Midas Touch
Midnight Rider
Motorcycle Man
Never Surrender
Out Of Control
Play It Loud
Power And The Glory
Princess Of The Night
Rainbow Theme
Requiem We Will Remember
Ride Like The Wind
Rough And Ready
Running For The Border
Sailing To America
Secret Of Flight
See The Light Shining
Sixth Form Girls
Solid Ball Of Rock
Song For Emma
Stand Up And Be Counted
State Of Grace
Strong Arm Of The Law
Suzie Hold On
The Great White Buffalo Intro
The Preacher
To Hell And Back Again
To Live By The Sword
We Are Strong
Wheel Of Steel

All Songs Listed Below are in Chords, Tabs in Text and in PDF

Army Of Immortals bass tab
Battle Hymn intro tab
Battle Hymn bass tab
Battle Hymn chords
Black Wind Fire And Steel bass tab
Black Wind Fire And Steel chords
Blood Brothers chords
Blood Of My Enemies chords
Blood Of The Kings bass tab
Blood Of The Kings chords
Blow Your Speakers chords
Born In A Grave chords
Brothers Of Metal bass tab
Brothers Of Metal solo tab
Courage bass tab
Dark Avenger bass tab
Death Tone bass tab
Death Tone tab
Defender intro tab
Die For Metal bass tab
Die For Metal chords
Die With Honor chords
El Gringo chords
El Gringo tab
Fast Taker tab
Fight For Freedom solo tab
Fighting The World bass tab
Fighting The World chords
Fighting The World tab
Flight Of The Bumble Bee tab
Hail And Kill bass tab
Hail And Kill chords
Hail To England bass tab
Hand Of Doom bass tab
Hand Of Doom chords
Hand Of Doom intro tab
Heart Of Steel chords
Heaven And Hell chords
Herz Aus Stahl chords
House Of Death bass tab
House Of Death chords
House Of Death intro tab
I Believe chords
Kill With Power bass tab
Kill With Power chords
King chords
Kingdom Come chords
Kings Of Metal album tab
Kings Of Metal bass tab
Kings Of Metal chords
Loki God Of Fire bass tab
Manowar bass tab
Manowar chords
March For Revengeby The Soldiers Of Death tab
Master Of Revenge chords
Master Of The Wind chords
Metal Daze tab
Metal Warriors chords
Mountains bass tab
Number 1 chords
Pleasure Slave chords
Return Of The Warlord bass tab
Righteous Glory chords
Sleipnir chords
Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee bass tab
Sting Of The Bumble Bee solo bass tab
Swords In The Wind Acoustic chords
Swords In The Wind bass tab
The Blood Of My Enemies tab
The Crown And The Ring chords
The Demons Whip tab
The Gods Made Heavy Metal bass tab
The Power Of Thy Sword chords
Touch The Sky chords
Warriors Of The World United bass tab
Warriors Of The World chords
Wheels Of Fire chords
Williams Tale bass tab

Absent Friends chords
And The Bands Played On bass tab
Attila The Hun tab
Back On The Streets bass tab
Backs To The Wall tab
Batallions Of Steel intro tab
Beyond The Grave tab
Big Teaser tab
Broken Heroes bass tab
Burning Wheels tab
Call Of The Wild tab
Conquistador tab
Crusader intro tab
Dallas 1 Pm bass tab
Demon Sweeny Todd intro tab
Do It All For You tab
Eagle Has Landed tab
Everybody Up bass tab
Flying On The Edge tab
Freeway Mad tab
Frozen Rainbow chords
Give It All Away tab
Going Nowhere Fast intro tab
Gonna Shout bass tab
Hammer Of The Gods tab
Hell Freezes Over intro tab
Hold On Live tab
Ive Got To Rock To Stay Alive intro tab
Killing Ground bass tab
Let Me Feel Your Power tab
Need For Speed bass tab
Need For Speed chords
Need For Speed tab
Princess Of The Night chords
Redline intro tab
Ride Like The Wind bass tab
Rock And Roll Gypsy tab
Rock City bass tab
Rock Is Our Life intro tab
Sailing To America bass tab
Strangers In The Night solo tab
Street Fighting Gang tab
Strong Arm Of The Law bass tab
Strong Arm Of The Law intro tab
Taking Your Chances tab
The Devil Rides Out bass tab
Till Hell Freezes Over intro tab
Valley Of The Kings intro tab
Wheels Of Steel bass tab
Wheels Of Steel solo tab

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