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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 693 JUDAS PRIEST & ROB HALFORD Tabs And 104 Backing Tracks

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

A Touch Of Evil
A Touch Of Evil Solo
All Fired Up
All Guns Blazing
All The Way
Alone Intro
Battle Cry
Battle Hymn
Before The Dawn
Beginning Of The End
Better By You Better Than Me
Between The Hammer And The Anvil
Beyond The Realms Of Death
Blood Red Skies
Blood Stained
Breaking The Law
Breaking The Law (Live)
Bullet Train
Burn In Hell
Burning Up
Call For The Priest
Call For The Priest Intro
Cathedral Spires
Caviar And Meths
Children Of The Sun
Close To You
Come And Get It
Dawn Of Creation
Dead Meat
Deal With The Devil
Death Row
Deep Freeze
Delivering The Goods
Demonizer Intro
Desert Plains
Desert Plains Solo
Devil's Child
Diamonds And Rust
Dissident Aggressor
Don't Go
Dreamer Deceiver
Dying To Meet You
Eat Me Alive
Electric Eye
Evening Star
Evil Fantasies
Evil Never Dies
Feed On Me
Fever intro
Fever solo
Fire Burns Below
Freewheel Burning
Freewheel Burning Solo
Future Of Mankind
Guardians Acoustic
Halls Of Valhalla
Hard As Iron
Heading Out To The Highway
Heart Of A Lion
Heart Of A Lion Intro
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty - Defenders Of The Faith
Heavy Metal
Hell Bent For Leather
Hell Is Home
Hell Patrol
Hell Patrol Solo
Here Come The Tears
Heroes End
Hot For Love
Hot Rocking
I'm A Rocker
Island Of Domination
Johnny B. Goode
Judas Rising
Killing Machine
Killing Machine Solo
Last Rose Of Summer
Leather Rebel
Leather Rebel Intro
Lightning Strike
Living After Midnight
Living Bad Dreams
Loch Ness
Loch Ness Intro
Locked In
Locked In Solo
Lone Wolf
Lost And Found
Lost Love
Love Bites
Love You To Death
Love Zone
Machine Man
March Of The Damned
Metal Gods
Metal Meltdown
Monsters Of Rock
Never Satisfied
Never The Heroes
Night Comes Down
No Surrender
Nostradamus Intro
On The Run
One For The Road
One On One
One Shot At Glory
Out In The Cold
Out In The Cold Intro
Pain And Pleasure
Parental Guidance
Prisoner Of Your Eyes
Private Property
Race With The Devil
Ram It Down
Rapid Fire
Raw Deal
Reckless Solo
Red, White And Blue
Redeemer Of Souls
Riding On The Wind
Rising From Ruins
Rock Forever
Rock Hard Ride Free
Rock You All Around The World
Rocka Rolla
Run Of The Mill
Running Wild
Saints In Hell
Sands Of Time
Screaming For Vengeance
Secrets Of The Dead
Shadows In The Flame
Solar Angels
Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
Stained Class
Sword Of Damocles
Take On The World
Take These Chains
Tears of blood
Tears Of Blood Intro
The Green Manalishi
The Green Manalishi (Live)
The Hellion
The Hellion/Electric Eye
The Mob Rules
The Rage
The Ripper
The Ripper (Live)
The Sentinel
Traitors Gate
Turbo Lover
Turn On Your Light
Turning Circles
Victim Of Changes
What's My Name
Wheels Of Fire
White Heat Red Hot
Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days
Winter Retreat
Worth Fighting For
Worth Fighting For (Acoustic)
You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
You Say Yes
You've Got Another Thing Comin'

Handing out Bullets
Hearts of Darkness
Hell Patrol
I Dont Care
In The Morning
Into The Pit
Into The Pit Live
Locked And Loaded
Made in Hell
Made Of Metal
One Will
Prisoner Of Your Eyes
Sad Wings
Screaming in The Dark
Silent Screams
Slow Down
Speed Of Sound Intro
The One You Hate
Trail of Tears
Wrath of God

All Songs Listed Below are Chords, Tabs in Text and in PDF

A Touch Of Evil bass tab
A Touch Of Evil Intro tab
A Touch Of Evil Live solo tab
A Touch Of Evil Solo tab
All Guns Blazing bass tab
All Guns Blazing Intro tab
All Guns Blazing Outro tab
All The Way Intro tab
Alone Acoustic chords
Alone Live intro tab
Angel Acoustic chords
Angel bass tab
Angel intro tab
Angel Of Retribution album tab
Angel Outro tab
Angel Solo tab
Awakening Intro tab
Battle Cry Intro tab
Battle Cry Outro tab
Battle Hymn bass tab
Battle Hymn intro tab
Before The Dawn Acoustic chords
Before The Dawn intro tab
Before The Dawn Outro tab
Before The Dawn Solo tab
Beginning Of The End Acoustic chords
Better By You Better Than Me bass tab
Better By You Better Than Me Intro tab
Better By You Better Than Me Outro tab
Between The Hammer And The Anvil bass tab
Between The Hammer And The Anvil Intro tab
Between The Hammer And The Anvil Outro tab
Between The Hammer And The Anvil solo tab
Beyond The Realms Of Death Acoustic chords
Beyond The Realms Of Death bass tab
Beyond The Realms Of Death Intro tab
Beyond The Realms Of Death Live Solo tab
Beyond The Realms Of Death Outro tab
Beyond The Realms Of Death Solo tab
Blood Red Skies Intro tab
Bloodstone bass tab
Bloodstone Intro tab
Bloodstone Outro tab
Bloodstone Solo tab
Breaking The Law Acoustic chords
Breaking The Law bass tab
Breaking The Law Intro tab
Breaking The Law Live Acoustic chords
Breaking The Law Live Intro tab
Breaking The Law Outro tab
British Steel album tab
Bullet Train Intro tab
Bullet Train Outro tab
Burn In Hell bass tab
Burn In Hell intro tab
Burn In Hell Live Intro tab
Burn In Hell Outro tab
Burning Up Intro tab
Burning Up Solo tab
Call For The Priest Raw Deal tab
Cathedral Spires bass tab
Cathedral Spires Intro tab
Cathedral Spires Outro tab
Cathedral Spires Solo tab
Caviar And Meths Intro tab
Cheater bass tab
Cheater intro tab
Close To You Acoustic chords
Come And Get It Intro Solo tab
Conquest bass tab
Conquest Intro tab
Creatures Intro tab
Creatures tab
Cyberface intro tab
Deal With The Devil intro tab
Deal With The Devil Live Intro tab
Deal With The Devil Outro Solo tab
Deal With The Devil Solo tab
Death Row Intro tab
Death tab
Deceiver Intro tab
Deceiver solo tab
Defenders Of The Faith album tab
Defenders Of The Faith tab
Delivering The Goods Intro tab
Delivering The Goods Outro tab
Delivering The Goods solo tab
Demonizer Live Intro tab
Demonizer Outro tab
Desert Plains bass tab
Desert Plains Intro tab
Desert Plains Live Intro tab
Desert Plains Outro tab
Devil Digger intro tab
Devils Child bass tab
Devils Child intro tab
Devils Child Live Intro tab
Devils Child Outro tab
Devils Child Solo tab
Diamonds And Rust Acoustic chords
Diamonds And Rust bass tab
Diamonds And Rust intro tab
Diamonds And Rust Live Acoustic chords
Diamonds And Rust Live Intro tab
Diamonds And Rust Outro tab
Diamonds And Rust solo tab
Dissident Aggressor bass tab
Dissident Aggressor Intro tab
Dissident Aggressor Outro tab
Dont Go bass tab
Dont Go Intro tab
Dragonaut intro tab

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