David DeAngelo - On Being a Man (Audio)

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Name Product: David DeAngelo – On Being a Man (Audio)
Author: David DeAngelo
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The Secret Reason Some Men Have So Much Success With Women Without Even Trying…

While Most Of Us Struggle And Fail

No doubt about it: success with women is a complete mystery to some men…

This is why – especially at this point in your life – if success with women is still a mystery to you, then this should be considered an emergency… and I’m going to ask you 7 critical First Aid questions right now:

Do you get nervous (even terrified) just seeing an attractive woman that you wish you could approach?If you find yourself feeling paralyzed whenever you see a great woman that you want to meet but can’t even think about approaching her, then read on…

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about how to please a woman and live up to her standards?All guys know the helpless feeling of nervousness we get when we feel the need to impress a woman.

It often happens when we go on a first date with a woman we really like… prepare to make that first phone call… or when a woman asks us a question and we know we are going to be  judged” on the answer…

But did you know that men who are naturally successful with women never get this feeling? One of the best realizations that will come to you upon becoming a REAL MAN is a feeling of power and choice with women.

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