Berry Africana

Stylish African Inspired Fashion, Headgear, Accessories and Unique Fabrics.


Lagos, Nigeria
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Berry Africana

Its a pleasure to be of service to the World via this platform.

I am one of those people that can't seat still and watch things happen, I honestly need to be part of 'making' it happen.

Creating Unique Fashion pieces and sourcing unique fabrics is a passion i have embraced, and have no plans of letting go.

From African Print Dresses, to Headgear, Agbada Suits, Kaftan, Bags, Aso oke, African Print Fabrics to all things Stylish, our page is wear you want to be.

Custom Wholesale orders are also welcome and all our Deliveries are 1 week after production all over the World.

The Berry Place is the mother company that birth this Ethnic brand we started just a year ago. which we call 'Berry Africana', born out of the desire to push the 'Berry' brand all over the World, by making our own pieces and unique collections of African and Western Fashion items, Gifts and Accessories all 'mainly' made in Nigeria.

We would also be looking to offer Home accessories with Ethnic undertones as soon as I can get my head around it.

There's a lot Africa has to offer to the World, I just want to be a part of the people who are not afraid to show-off these beauties.

Come with us on this journey, we promise to do our best to always keep you satisfied.

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