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Bitter Kola Depot

When we say that we are the home of the African Bitter Kola Nuts and Kola Nuts, we mean every word of it! These nuts are native to West Africa which means if you find them available in any other place, chances are that they are proceeds from stored inventory, in other words, they probably are not fresh!

We are wholesale distributors of the popular African Bitter Kola Nuts and Kola Nuts renowned for their exceptional herbal benefits. The freshness of our products is guaranteed because we ship directly from harvest and our prices are the lowest you can find anywhere on the Internet because there are no middle men involved!

We take quality control seriously because we care about our customers health and happiness. As said earlier, we sell directly from harvests which explains why we are able to offer our products in two categories - Grade A and B. While EACH of the seeds of both grades are carefully cleaned, we further sort Grade A Quality Nuts according to size, freshness and variety.

Welcome to our shop and shop with confidence! Whatever item you buy will immediately be shipped from Nigeria, West Africa with guaranteed freshness! Money back or replacement guaranteed!

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