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Natal, South Africa
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Delvi International

Not often do you see the words “Made in Africa!” Delvi International is a passionate company that is proud to offer the widest selection of incredible African art, treasures & curios you could imagine. Our original African Art and curios comes from South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Morocco.

You will find a large range of handmade/hand carved African curios, furniture, kitchenware, Dashiki and Kente clothing, ostrich eggs, leather and bead sandals, handbags, straw baskets, bead jewelry, clothing, Kikoy, Argan oil, African rugs and cushions. Plus a whole lot more! If you are looking for something different and unique, for your home or wardrobe then look no further. We have an incredible range of over 500 treasures, we pride ourselves in presenting you very difficult to find treasures, majority of our items you will not find in other African shops.

No two items are exactly the same as the are handmade, creating something unique. In time with some of our artists you might well be buying a collectors item. Our artists are humble, very talented, eager to please, are prepared to go that extra mile for customers and take great care in presenting their very finest work. We are proud to show case their items to the international community.

Many of our artists have won awards in their countries for their designs, and others simply keen to sell their art and curios and put the money back into their own community. Some of the art, funds orphanages and previously disadvantaged children and communities in Uganda, Kenya and several other countries in Africa.

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