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CO, United States
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Flyworks Art

Surprisingly enough the shop Flyworks started as a teaching tool. I, Jeff Moore, am the owner of the shop Flyworks. The catch is I am also an art teacher at the high school level as my main profession. As a teacher trying to inspire students, one of the most common things I hear from student artist looking to break into the field is something like, "Do you actually know of anyone who can make a living just by doing art?" Students say this straight to me as if I'm invisible!

When I got tired of referring said students to friends and local artists I decided it would be easier to sell my own work on the side when I'm not teaching. That way when asked who I knew that could actually make art then make money from it, right then and there I could show them my online shop! Thus Flyworks was born.

Flyworks specializes in fine art prints from graphite drawings and also custom drawings from photographs. Most of my fine art prints are portraits of celebrities though I have done some automotive drawings. The custom drawings from photographs are also mostly portraits but I can work with pretty much any subject.

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