Illary Alpaca

Women´s fashion from peruvian baby alpaca

Sadie Glow S.A.C

Lima, Peru
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About Store

Illary Alpaca

We are Peruvian company located in Lima, Peru and specializing in making fashionable garments from natural fibers such as baby alpaca and alpaca. We are a small environmentally conscious business that works with local families making positive impact on small communities in Lima Peru. All our garments are handcrafted by individual knitters. We would like to bring to our customers fashionable, yet functional clothing from Peruvian baby alpaca fiber. Baby Alpaca is up to seven times warmer than the common sheep’s wool because the single fiber works as a thermal insulation. This wool is cozy but also breathable for warmer weather thanks to the air pockets that are ONLY found in alpaca fibers.In addition, it is far more elastic, softer and longer lasting than other materials. Baby Alpaca is naturally free of lanolin and other oils found in sheep’s wool, so it’s not itchy and it is far less likely to pill. It is a natural fiber that looks and feels luxurious.
Please check our website: and our Facebook page Illary Alpaca Catalog.

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