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Low-Priced Flexible Dentures

5 EASY STEPS to get Affordable Custom-Made Dentures Online:
Step 1. Order the Impression Kit $40
Step 2. Take impressions. We provide the material and instructions in the kit.
Step 3. Order denture(s) online. One partial is $280 and both partials are $500.
Step 4. Ship impressions to us using our pre-paid return label.
Step 5. Receive your high quality, FDA approved denture(s).

Full Impression Kit for Custom-Made Flexible Partial Dentures Includes:
3 teeth color samples (A1,A2,A3)
2 sets of impression putty,
2 impression trays,
1 pre-paid return postage,
& detailed instructions.

Use this impression kit to take accurate impressions of your upper and lower teeth from which we can manufacture top quality flexible partial dentures. Please note that you must have at least 6 natural teeth on the jaw for which you are ordering the denture(s). You can use this impression kit as long as you are not wearing braces, if you don't have loose teeth, and if your gums healed after teeth extractions.

Custom-Made Upper Partial Denture: Starts at $279.99
Custom-Made Lower Partial Denture: Starts at $279.99
Custom-Made Both Upper and Lower Dentures: Start at $499.99

Available Gum Shades: light pink, standard pink, medium dark, and dark.

Enhance your smile and your facial tissue with our top quality flexible dentures. Improve your speech, chewing and digestion. Our flexible dentures are durable and have exceptional aesthetics. They will blend in with your teeth and gums. They don't need metal clasps, so you won't have a metallic taste in your mouth.

I offer great quality flexible dentures for the best price! I make heat-injected dentures under high pressure, which result in denser, stronger, more precise and comfortable flexible dentures. Our flexible dentures improve chewing, digestion, speech and smiles. You can order flexible dentures online without a dentist appointment. There are no invasive procedures and no tooth preparation required. The steps to get flexible dentures are painless for you.

Please send me a message with any questions or comments.

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