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Old Vintage

I search out old, vintage and rare collectibles from the past to offer to you. Besides being sought by collectors, many old, vintage items bring back fond and loving memories to people about their own lives and the lives of loved ones and friends.

Generally, the term vintage is defined as being at least 20 years old while antiques are defined as at least 100 years old (vehicles are termed differently). Currently, some items, such as clothing are defined "vintage" when at least 10 years old.

Many items I found have the dates on them but some do not ... I can offer to you what I feel the approximate age of the item is based upon research, consultation,and just plain 'ole' look and feel.

I have spent a lot of time searching for these finds and tried to be meticulous with my selection. While I do have some items not considered vintage to offer, I will try to note that information in the description.

Most of the products are in used condition. A lot of the items are glassware, such as hand-painted items from other countries, etc. Some have gold-trim such as 22kt and "Occupied in Japan' markings. Therefore, I have many one-of-a-kind items to offer.

Customers will be able to immediately checkout with any major credit card and enjoy a smooth checkout experience (no redirects to Paypal). If you do prefer, Paypal is available for your payment as well.

Shipping is offered by USPS and UPS (in some instances possibly cargo freight). Also if you are local, arrangement for pickup is a possibly.

I live in Georgia of the USA (yes, I am a 'Southern Belle' and proud of it). I am a real person with values...I have been taught honesty and integrity since a child.

My contact information is listed if you have any questions or suggestions. Have a blessed day!

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