Pandageneration The Roost

The Great Dad Mom And Two Sons Store "Original Art Painted, Digital Prints Branded; Copyrighted and Painted by Bao-Nguyen Doan and Gifts"


CA, United States
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Pandageneration The Roost

Hi! I selling my hand painted and any of my art. My favorite traditional mediums are gouache pronounced as (ɡwäSH,ɡo͞oˈäSH), watercolor, and Photoshop. I also love to use the computer to create 3D works such as Projects, Indie game development, and Independent animated shorts. I am trying to move into being a cartoonist, animator, and technical artist programmer for my future career as an artist. The goal is to be an artist!

Nonetheless, I also sell whatever I need to sell at the current moment. House wares, toys, clothes, treasure, and junk. Things I can part with because I am raising money on the side for an advanced college education. I hope you'll love my store!

I sell to the fan who loves my works and to those who need a treasure. And for treasure to find a home.

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