Coven of the Bayou

Candles inspired by AHS with the supernatural power of the Bayou


LA, United States
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Coven of the Bayou

Our Candles are inspired by AHS and the fans that come with it. Our Candles are made once a month during the phase of the Waning Moon. Our candles are made with herbs from the Bayou and blessed by a Coven of 4 sisters. When used for decor reasons they draw power into the home and when lit and burned they draw there full potential. The candles should be placed in the North side of the room when used for there abilities. Under the candle listing will explain the herbs in which they contain and what there purpose is. I am the one brother of 4 sisters and unfortunately can not participate in their rituals for the purposes of these candles but they do let me sell (somewhat.) I have the boring job :-( My sisters have been practicing the craft for 15 plus years and take their practices extremely serious. They inherited their abilities from our Great Great Grandmother. Our Mother and Grandmother never came into their powers, but it is very common to skip generations. The oldest of my sisters calls out to the Guardians of the North sign Earth, then the second to the East sign Water, the third to the West sign Air and my youngest sister to the Guardians of the South sign Fire. I can not give out much information because of confidential and secrecy reasons. My sisters live deep in the swamps of the Bayou away from all because of witches who covet their powers. There is evil out there that you would not comprehend. My Family obeys by the laws of "Harm none, do as ye will" and in return the Earth Mother keeps them at full strength. A droplet of blood is required from each sister for the making of each candle, except for the oldest sister in which 2 droplets is required. The Earth sign holds the most strength and is why it entitles 2 droplets. We sell these candles in the Bayou and in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Its hard to keep a lot of them in stock sometimes because others know of my sisters and the powers they possess and the candles can only be made once a month. The only Candle that really needs direction is season 1's candle. You need to place a picture of the one in which you possess within 1 inch of the burning candle and burn at least 30 minutes a day when the moon is in the sky. When used for power burn each candle at least 30 minutes a day or longer when the moon is in the sky. Season 1 is for Love Attraction, Season 2 is to rid the house of evil entities, Season 3 is to enhance any power you may have whether it be dreams of foresight, astral projection, etc... (you may experience heightened dreams when this candle is placed in your bedroom and many do not even know they obtain a gift until they burn this candle and their gift slowly starts to appear.), Season 4 is for Luck/Money, Season 5 is similar to season 2's candle, we just use different flowers to scent the candle with and also infuse season 2's candle with holy oil, and season 6 is for protection of those who mean to do you harm (The ones that mean to do you harm will be bestowed with a Bad Luck/ Karma reflection effect from the candle, if you wish for their bad luck to stop you must remove the candle out of your home or either they must wish to No Longer do you harm.) The candles get there color mainly from the flower oils and not so much the herbs, but some of the herbs do contain a slight color. **EACH CANDLE IS TIGHTLY AND WELL BUBBLE WRAPPED WHEN SHIPPED FOR EXTRA PROTECTION**
**Each Candle is 18 oz's.
**We make other candles for other purposes. If you need one for further purposes message us. Just keep in mind we don't know the exact time we can make it depending on the Moon.
**We have never asked for a candle to be returned by any client. There is a 100% success rate when used properly.
** Each Candle may have a slight variation in color from every batch made (because of the amount of essential flower oil put into them). Some may appear to be darker at the bottom then at the top when they settle, which makes them even more attractive. Each Candle is different but possess the same power!They will however be the same shade of color seen in each photograph.
** Find myself and my sisters page on Facebook. Our Facebook name is: Piper Golden Meadow.

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