Rand's Antique Engravings and Prints

Antique engravings and prints at reasonable prices.


Maine, United States
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Rand's Antique Engravings and Prints

Hi my name is Justin Rand and welcome to my store. I only offer truly antique engravings and prints.

I am new to brisksale but have been selling on EBay and Amizon for over ten years. My EBay ID is boundary_warden_chase (one of my favorite literary characters when I was in High School) in case you would like to check out my feedback. My approach to selling is to treat the buyer the way I would like to be treated which is with honesty and fast shipping as I'm not that patient.

A little about me: I have a full time job that I love at a rural Middle School in Maine. I love books and was a history major at USM. I am a terrible speller but we can't be too perfect now can we.

Thanks for checking out my store and please feel free to ask questions or offer suggestions.

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