Smiling Goat Soap Goat's milk soap bars

Handcrafted goat's milk soap bar with unique designs


FL, United States
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Smiling Goat Soap Goat's milk soap bars

My name is Marji and I'm a Central Floridian. I turned 78 this year (2017) and am so happy to be able to still do this soap making. . . I love using the goat's milk soap and that my customers do too. Glycerin in this soap is a natural skin softener and contributes to the soap's longevity, preventing it from dissolving quickly in soap dishes or bath water. . . I spend many hours locating new, fun, unique and interesting designs. I offer several different scents and colors for different soap bar designs, free of charge. Also a free gift bag if you are buying the soap as a gift. . . I thoroughly enjoy making others happy by continuing to do this.

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Love these soaps! So cute and a great gift. Thanks!
Jun 05, 2017

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