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MI, United States
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SPLENDEUR is french for SPLENDID which according to dictionary.com means gorgeous, magnificent, sumptuous, grand, superb, and beautiful. The owners chose the name SPLENDEUR as we believe that when beauty is being created from the inside/out we can project all of these adjectives to ourselves and to the world!

What does "beauty from the inside out" mean?

If your demeanor is dull, lifeless, agitated or angry your inner beauty will not be expressed outwardly, no matter how much makeup, parfume or sharp looking clothes you may have on. Beauty radiates from your inside/out and is only enhanced through the use of outside products and services!

Our mission is to aid you and your family in contacting the beauty within yourselves enhancing your "natural beauty" through the use of SPLENDEUR for Life and our Partners quality products and services".

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